Youth Committee

Join the Stanton Youth Committee and be a leader in your community!

Youth committee sitting in Stanton Council Chambers Youth commission certificate Youth working on project Youth working on project together

What is the Youth Committee?

The Youth Committee serves as the voice of Stanton students, where members can plan programs, advocate for issues important to teens, and learn more about local government and day-to-day operations.

Mission Statement:

To fuel and raise the potential of future leaders by guiding them towards an engaged and positive community where their integrity shall be fulfilled for a brighter tomorrow.

What does the Youth Committee Do?

  • Meets monthly to discuss agenda items and actions.
  • Plans events and programs for Stanton youth.
  • Promotes City events and programs to schools and students.
  • Addresses issues and policy recommendations to City Council.
  • Volunteers at annual community-wide events. 

How to Join

If you are interested in joining the Youth Committee, complete the application below and submit to Community Services Coordinator, Ashley Cain, via e-mail at or in person at Stanton City Hall, 7800 Katella Avenue.


Informational Flyer

For more information please call (714) 890-4278.