Development Services

Work and customer interacting at planning counterThe Community Development Department provides services which protect the integrity and character of all land uses of the City through the application of adopted building and safety regulations, mandated environmental policies, economic development programs and established development standards. The Department's Planning, Building and Housing Divisions are responsible for ensuring that potential uses and developments are planned and constructed in such a manner as to be safe and compatible with surrounding uses and structures and to ensure that the requirements of mandated and optional programs are met and to ensure that land uses within the City yield the highest and best return as a result of the time and effort devoted to their development.

The Community Development Department is responsible for administering the activities of the City's Planning, Building and Housing Divisions and acts as staff to the Redevelopment Agency. The many faceted services include serving as liaison to the Planning Commission, providing data and options to decision makers relating to land use, and is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the public as it relates to buildings and structural development within the City as well as administration of the City's Redevelopment, Housing and Economic Development programs.

The Community Development Department is also responsible for administering the City's: Air Quality Improvement Program; Housing and Community Development Block Grant Fund (CDBG); Redevelopment; and Low and Moderate Income Housing Fund including a Housing Repair Rebate Program and Home Loan Program.

The Housing and Community Services (HCS) Fund accounts for revenues and expenditures for the Housing and Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). This program allocates funding (through the County of Orange) for improvement projects as recommended by the City Council and submitted to the County (Application Review Committee) by Staff.

Traditionally, the City of Stanton, has utilized CDBG funds to finance a wide variety of public improvements and housing programs. Over the past five years alone, the City has used the funds to improve much of the City's infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, sewers, storm drains and street name signs. The funds have also been used to assist over ten very-low and low income homeowners in rehabilitating their homes.