Housing Program

Housing Authority Reports
Pursuant to California Health and Safety Code (“HSC”) Section 34328, the Stanton Housing Authority (“Authority”) is required to annually file with the city clerk of the City of Stanton and with the Department of Housing and Community Development (“HCD”) a report (“Annual Report”) of its activities for the preceding fiscal year.  To access the Housing Authority’s Annual Report for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year, click on the link below.

2015-2016 Stanton Housing Authority Annual Report


Due to the California State Legislature’s elimination of Redevelopment Agencies in California, all housing programs offered by the Stanton Redevelopment Agency have been canceled. These programs include: all Homeowner Rebate Programs, Mobile Home Grants, Emergency Grants, Homeowner Rehabilitation Loan Program, and the Neighborhood Clean-Up Program.

The City of Stanton believes these programs have been a valuable asset to the community and have been of great benefit to the nearly one thousand residents who have participated in them. The City of Stanton and the Stanton Redevelopment Agency have opposed the Legislature’s decision to adopt ABX1 26 which eliminated Redevelopment in California and worked to have the California Supreme Court overturn the legislation. Unfortunately, the California Supreme Court failed to do so, which will result in local tax dollars being sent to Sacramento instead of being invested locally.

We want to thank you for your interest in our programs and it has been our pleasure to serve the residents of Stanton.

Affordable Housing
The City of Stanton maintains a listing of affordable housing units constructed in the city. The projects were financed through a variety of sources, and included funding from the City of Stanton and/or the Stanton Redevelopment Agency. As a condition of funding, owners of such developments entered into a commitment to keep rents affordable in a specified number of rental units within each property.

For more information visit the County of Orange Housing Authority.