Park Sustainability

Stanton Central Park was wisely planned and built incorporating state-of-the-art sustainable features. It is a model of efficiency and the sensible use of resources.

Plant Species and Trees
The park is adorned by drought-resistant plant species and trees. Some of these species include the Heteromeles Arbutifolia and the Achillea ‘Moonshine’. These plants not only require very little water for successful growth, but they also provide nectar for butterflies and bees. The Buddleia Davidii ‘Black Knight’ planted in the Butterfly Garden helps support the survival of Monarch Butterflies by providing a home for them to lay their eggs and food for their caterpillars.

Smart Drip Irrigation System
The park’s smart drip irrigation system saves water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of plants. This type of irrigation system has been installed in all of the planters in the park. All planters have mulch, which help keep moisture longer and therefore keep plants and landscaping healthy while keeping water use low. Bio-catch basins at the park direct rain water to irrigate trees on-site instead of directing water into the sewer system, which help utilize resources efficiently.

Recycled Materials
Many features in the composition of the park surfaces came from recycling materials excavated during construction of the park so waste was reduced and costs saved.

Park Lighting
Lighting at the park is composed of a light-emitting diode (LED) system that is durable, energy efficient, ecologically friendly and uses low voltage. In addition, the system is programmed to help preserve energy during the time of day when the lighting system is not needed.

Splash Pad Filtration System
Water from the splash pad area never goes to waste. After water has been used, it is redirected through the drains into a filtration system that directs clean water back into the splash pad system.

The park is a model of sustainable construction, requiring low maintenance and providing multiple benefits beyond the cost savings that make it a very special place in the very heart of our hometown!  You should be very proud of the very sustainable Stanton Central Park!