Monday, February 20, 2017
Park Sponsors

Stanton Central Park was funded purely through the procurement of a State Prop 84 grant, restricted bonds and park-in-lieu funds restricted for building new parks.

The City has successfully created a Public-Private Partnership Model specifically related to the on-going maintenance and utility payments for Stanton Central Park. Stanton City Manager, James A. Box expresses, “Finding a way to fund these on-going expenses has been a top priority for the last year. I am proud to say that we were successful in securing over $100,000 for the annual maintenance and utility costs of Stanon Central Park, by thinking outside the box.”

With support from our local partners, we have enhanced our Public-Private Partnerships to create a true model of sustainability.

A special thank you to our new park sponsors, Rowntree Gardens and WPower for their generosity.


Rowntree Gardens                                                  WPower

“As a faith-based, not-for-profit, community care and service organization, financial stewardship is more than just writing a check for the sponsorship of the park; we value and desire our role to be an active partner and integral member of this community and the City of Stanton.”

 -Randy Brown, CEO of Rowntree Gardens  


“WPower believes in building lasting partnerships with the community we serve. We provide scholarships for deserving students looking to pursue higher education in the areas of Science, Engineering and Math. We also look for specfic opportunities that are unique within the community. For the City of Stanton, assuring mature landscaping was a perfect opportunity for us to show our commitment and pledge our long term support to the City of Stanton.

-Kara Miles, President of WPower, LLC


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