Public Notices

Sewer Notice Introduction
To insure a flow of funds for the on-going operation and maintenance, and to fund the upgrading and refurbishing of the sewer collection system within the City of Stanton, the City Council proposes to restructure the calculation methodology for the Sewer Service Charge for Fiscal Year 2017-18. The restructured Sewer Service Charge will ensure a fair and equitable levying of the necessary costs of operating, maintaining and refurbishing of the City’s sewer collection facilities, and will:
• Provide the revenues needed for operations and maintenance, and capital projects as approved by the City Council for the City’s sanitary sewer collection system;
• Proportion the costs to ratepayers in an equitable manner consistent with the requirements of Proposition 218;
• Respond to the changing economic and environmental factors in which the system operates; and
• Reduce revenue volatility and future rate increases needed to meet the financial obligations of the City’s Sewer Fund.

The City Council will annually review the current and projected year's costs for the sewer facilities and sets the rates for the ensuing fiscal year, which will be for period July 1 and ending June 30 the following year. In setting the annual rates, the City Council will consider any new or updated capital and maintenance costs, and any fund balances or shortages, and adjust the rates accordingly. The City of Stanton Sewer Service Charge (the “Charge”) is levied under the authority of the California Health and Safety Code, Sections 5471 et seq. (the "Code"). Payment of the fees for each parcel will be made in the same manner and at the same time as payments are made for property taxes for each property. This report contains the necessary data required to establish the annual Charge rates and is submitted to the City Clerk for filing in the office of the City Clerk where it shall remain open for public inspection.

Sewer Notice Fiscal Year 2017-18

Preliminary Roll Sewer Service Charge Fiscal Year 2017-18